I have always tried to capture more than an image

During his career in printing, Thanh Nguyen has always tried to deliver a better service to his customers. As a photographer, his goal is to provide something more than an image, something deeper that the eyes can perceive.

Thanh Nguyen’s artworks are reflecting his view on the world in a very subtle way, of which he shows us a different view of the reality.

When we first saw Thanh Nguyen’s photographic works we were astonished by its elegance and beauty. Don’t be fooled by their apparent simplicity, each picture is telling us something. The message is delivered in a beautiful envelope that preserves its timeless message.

Join us on this journey to discover Thanh Nguyen’s universe. His artworks are regularly displayed at Hoi An Soul, a newly-built but well-presented fine art gallery in Hoi An.

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