Our Story Of Making Leather Products

Hoi An Soul Gallery was established in June 2020 with the initial goal of providing visitors with a unique cultural experience in Hoi An. It is our honor to work with wonderful renowned and emerging artists to exhibit their artworks.  

However, the COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on the tourism industry in Vietnam, especially in Hoi An, where tourism is the primary source of income. Hundreds of workers in the hospitality and tourism industries have lost their jobs, and numerous artisans in Hoi An’s traditional craft villages have faced challenges. To contribute to the local improvement of this situation, Hoi An Soul decided to establish a handmade leather goods business besides being a fine art gallery.

The market of leather goods in Vietnam is dominated by machines manufactured these days, only a few places still maintain the tradition of handcrafting leather. Recognizing the demand for handcrafted leather products, HASL wanted to improve our leather goods production in the hopes of delivering high-quality items to domestic and foreign customers.

We are grateful to work with Mr. Bang, a leather craftsman with many years of experience, to design and manufacture the products for Hoi An Soul Leather.

According to Mr. Bang, being a leather artist requires not only precise hand skills and perseverance but also a passion for the art. Hoi An Soul aspires to spread the love of this craft to young people and turn it into a stable career that will provide them with personal finances. 

This is Mr. Bang, the captain of Hoi An Soul’s leather team.

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