Slide Thanh Nguyen July 1st–September 30th, 2020
First exhibition in Hoi An

For the opening of the gallery

The Art Gallery of Hoi An

Sometimes, in art, you need a different viewpoint to appreciate the beauty lies in its entirety. Built on that concept, Hoi An Soul purposely offers something different, another look at art, through photographer Thanh Nguyen‘s artworks where the spirit of the ordinary becomes incredible and soulful. 

In this debut exhibition, we decided to present the world photos of the Viet people’s daily life, a look through normal people’s lives, far from the what we used to see.

Thanh Nguyen is picturing the soul of the people and each of his work is telling us a story.

The story of mankind, its complexity and the beauty of small details, trained movements and devotion.

Whether it is a fisherman or a traditional potter, the perfection of their art captured through the lens of the photographer is sensationally transcribed in these pictures.

Take your time to appreciate these priceless moments.

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